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IE8 is recommended for Windows platforms; see the following to get IE8 with IE6 look and feel (like the favourites drop-down menu actually functions). 

How to remove the Command Bar in Internet Explorer 7 - Internet Explorer Tweaks

Although they are listed for IE7 these tweaks work with IE8 too.

Firefox is recommended for Linux platforms.

As far as I can tell everything on this site works more or less correctly with IE8 and Firefox.

I have no further intention to validate on anything but the latest versions of Firefox and IE (maybe). My experience with other browsers is that they are just not up to a reasonable operating standard, are minority interest browsers, or are so old they have security issues.

No IE above IE8 has been tested as they use Microsoft's stupid sub-pixel rendering which cannot be disabled (remember the early versions of Safari). You might know it as clear type. I, like a great many others, call it smear type.

This site does not use JavaTM, and will never use this poor system.